First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a team of four people, among us are two programmers, illustrator and designer. Not so long ago we were just web developers who started to play .io games during work hours and we loved them at once. After some months we decided to create our own game. That was a challenge for us, because we never made games, but our passion and inspiration prevailed us and we started the process in May 2016. In august we have finally released our game in early alpha version and tons of players joined to see it. Now we are doing our best to make it even more addicting and interesting.
This is a real battle for territory. In this game you have to conquer the largest piece of territory and destroy other players. Game has a simple and addictive gameplay and short game sessions. You can play it anywhere and anytime, just to relax and have a rest.
1. Click play and you are in game.
2. Press your left mouse button to start drawing.
3. Close your line and define your piece of territory.
4. Repeat, until you get a large piece of territory.
5. Run into other players, when they are on your own territory to kill them.
6. Avoid running into other players, when you are on theirs territory.
7. The larger is your territory, the longer is your drawing line and speed boost.

Become the king of the map!